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Books by Daniella Grsic

Where moms and kids discover amazing books!


Daniella Grsic


This is a great place for parents, caregivers, educators, and children to learn more about my children's books, Deep Down Inside, Lucky Stars, and Smile Sandwich

Discover what my stories are all about and how they can be a useful tool in supporting the healthy development of social-emotional growth in young children while enjoying meaningful stories, colorful illustrations, and participating in a wonderful story-time experience!

That's not all...

Introducing ​my NEW collection of Contemporary Romance novels, 

featuring my debut novel, UNDER THE SUMMER SUN, coming soon to AMAZON!

Where moms and kids discover amazing books!

Happy reading,

Daniella Grsic

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New Contemporary Romance Novel Under the Summer Sun by Daniella Grsic



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Under the Summer Sun

A first love tarnished but never forgotten, a desperate plea to repair the present, and a longing to secure the future of her dreams.

Successful in her career? For sure

Confused about her past? Absolutely

Reluctant to move forward with her boyfriend? Completely

A longing for meaningful love? Deeply

This is the life of Charlotte Monroe…happy with her career as an environmental journalist, unhappy with her current boyfriend, Peter Walsh.

Haunted by her first love, Alex Montgomery, and their harsh separation so long ago, Charlotte is constantly wondering what could have been versus what is being pushed on her for the future.

Rescued by an invitation from her best friend, Trisha Blackwell, to come home to Georgia for the summer, Charlotte jumps at the chance to rush to the people and place that she loves so dearly.

Little did Charlotte know that, under the summer sun, she will be faced with an unexpected encounter with Alex, a devastating issue that would impact the safety of her hometown, and an enormous proposition from Peter that will change her life forever.

More Reading and Learning

I am so excited to announce that not only have I published three books, but I now teach on I am a professional who is constantly growing and changing. I seek out meaningful ways to extend learning for my young friends, while learning something new for myself as well. My classes are designed for children 3 to 6 years old regarding literacy, numeracy, inquiry-based learning, and life skills. My classes are packed with quality learning experiences and a ton of fun! 

Check out the link below to view my teacher profile and my classes.  See you in my next class!

"Where learning and fun come together!"


Book Signing Event Tour 

My Signing Event Tours takes place in several bookstores 

for your enjoyment! 

  • help your child stay excited about reading 
  • visit me to have a copy of my books signed and personally addressed to you
  •  join me for fun activities and crafts
All Book Signing Events are on hold until further notice due to COVID-19.
Visit my Special Events page for all details including dates, times and locations.


Smile Sandwich by Daniella Grsic


Smile Sandwich is the third book in my Wellness Series. 

Here's a look at the article featuring Smile Sandwich and the Wellness Series in The Hamilton News.

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Reader Review

Deep Down inside touched my family’s hearts in a deep down way as we can directly relate to the characters and the loss they experience as well as the new Joy they feel.

Lucky stars encourages our family to visualize what is perceived to be impossible to most but attainable to those who dare to dream & never give up!

Thank you for providing stories for the whole family to share!


M & J Sihra

What my customers are saying

Authors like you make books more meaningful. You composed wonderful words. Children are our future, and it is important to keep them hugged in a variety of ways, including reading a story like "Deep Down Inside" together that connects to life experiences. Lucky Stars is next and I will find the right moment to gift it to a growing mind. As a Mom, Grammy and retired teacher, I admire you and thank you! 

Arvalla Anderson

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Deep Down Inside: The First Book in the Wellness Series

Deep Down Inside is now supported by The Halton Catholic District School Board and enjoyed in 55 schools, as well as The Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board!

My publishing team also chose to feature my first book, Deep Down Inside on their website and invited me to create an Author Experience write-up in appreciation for the book's success! Read more...

School Reading Event with Deep Down Inside on

April 10th, 2017.

A very special thank you to the staff of St. Michael's CES for inviting me to read and share a rich literacy-based experience with their Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes. It was a joy to share Deep Down Inside with all 5 classes...what an amazing journey!

Author Daniella Grsic with her first book Deep Down Inside
Lucky Stars: The Second Book in the Wellness Series by Daniella Grsic

Lucky Stars: The Second Book in the Wellness Series

Lucky Stars was featured in The Hamilton News, check it out...

Lucky Stars was recently requested to be featured in a book presentation at St. Clare of Assisi CES for Snuggle Up and Read Day 2018! Details are provided below; what an amazing experience!

Snuggle Up and Read Day 2018...A day to celebrate literacy!

On January 29th, 2018, I hosted a book presentation to the Primary Division at St. Clare of Assisi CES featuring my latest book, Lucky Stars. I also discussed my first book, Deep Down Inside as the start of my Wellness Series. After enjoying a story time experience with the children, I provided a follow-up activity for students to colour, record their thoughts about their favourite adventure in the story, one personal connection to the story and ways that they could show kindness in their everyday lives. What a fantastic experience for both myself and the children to snuggle up and read a great book and then write about their thoughts and feelings.

Snuggle Up and Read Day on January 29, 2018 St. Clare of Assisi CES with Author Daniella Grsic reading her book Lucky Stars and talking about her first book Deep Down Inside as part of her Wellness Series
Snuggle Up and Read Day January 29, 2018 St. Clare of Assisi CES Author Daniella Grsic with grade 1 students with books Lucky Stars and Deep Down Inside
Snuggle Up and Read Day January 29, 2018 St. Clare of Assisi CES Author Daniella Grsic with grade 2 students and books Deep Down Inside and Lucky Stars
Snuggle Up and Read Day January 29, 2018 with grade 2 and 3 students with Author Daniella Grsic and her books Deep Down Inside and Lucky Stars
Snuggle Up and Read Day January 29, 2018 with grade 3 students and Author Daniella Grsic with her books Deep Down Inside and Lucky Stars

A huge thank you is extended to Mrs. Martino, the principal of the school, whose interest and enthusiasm propelled this event to come to life and whose genuine support and welcoming nature is truly appreciated beyond words! I would also like to thank the teachers and students who also welcomed me so kindly.

What a great way to celebrate literacy...reading, comprehension and extension of meaning through print, while snuggling up in pyjamas and a stuffy!

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Books by Daniella Grsic

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