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Books by Daniella Grsic

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Daniella Grsic

About the Author

I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Throughout my years, I have enjoyed the long, cold winters and short, hot summers! As a child, I was very observant of my surroundings and have always enjoyed reading and imagining about far away places, situations around me and new people to discover. As the years went on, I developed a deep love for expressing my own experiences and feelings, as well as imaginary adventures through descriptive stories, poetry and articles. I truly love constructing words into amazing sentences that come together as outstanding stories for young and old to enjoy!

Writing and developing books is truly my greatest passion turned into my ongoing work.

I began my writing career through an online/internet-based platform, as a freelance writer. I have been published online through a magazine called, My articles were primarily fact-based, providing information about many topics surrounding children and various child-rearing approaches and strategies for parents and caregivers to find success in their efforts with their children. This was a wonderful experience for me.

I am also a Registered Early Childhood Educator, who works closely with young children guiding, educating, supporting and enriching the overall development of my students. My students bring great meaning to my life, as I watch them grow, change, learn and question new things with each day that passes. In 2018, I was honoured by being given The Director's Award for Outstanding Dedication to Staff and Students. This award was presented by the Director of Education within my school board and I am truly blessed and touched to have been acknowledged in such a remarkable way.

Deep Down Inside is my first book and I am so thrilled to finally be living out a long-standing dream of mine! Writing books has been a personal goal for many years and I have finally found the courage to make it a reality. My two glorious children have inspired me to imagine, play, learn and grow in life and love within all that I am surrounded in. My supportive family and loving dog have made my life rich and interesting and they motivate me to fulfill my dreams; they are my reason for working as hard as I do and accomplishing all that I have become! I am also appreciative of the dear family and pets who I have loved and lost over the years; your presence has left an undying and profound affect on my life. I am truly grateful for all of the people and pets in my life who inspire me to search my soul, find peace and happiness and spread love within my work; my greatest passion...books!

Lucky Stars is my second book and is a pivotal part of my Wellness Series. Lucky Stars embraces and celebrates problem-solving skills, thankfulness, kindness, gratitude and love, all on the backdrop of imaginative play and exciting adventure. Lucky Stars is alive with colour and powerful illustrations that take the reader into the story in a rich and inviting way. I am so proud of both of my books and the positive messages that they portray. My books support the Wellness Series and the importance of young children believing that they are capable of actively living and achieving overall positive emotional, social and mental wellness! 

Smile Sandwich is my third book in the Wellness Series. Smile Sandwich introduces a special concept that children can easily understand and apply into their everyday lives. Through the guidance of familiar characters, along with the experiences of new characters, readers are taken down a path of emotion and victory. This third book highlights important social-emotional issues including bullying, alienation, fear and so much more. It is through the central idea in this story, specifically, how thoughts, words and actions create wellness, that aid the process of facing issues and tackling the challenges that come along with it. An important strategy to use to help discuss emotions and plan for next steps to improve and possibly make changes is also introduced, complete with an explanation for parents and children to follow at the end of the book. This strategy involves the art of journaling. Smile Sandwich is filled with many great characters and is  packed with so many wonderful experiences too, all of which support the social, emotional and mental well-being of children and families!

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