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Read, Learn, Create and Grow with Daniella Grsic

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Kid's Corner

Literacy encompasses both reading and writing; they work hand-in-hand with each other.

To my readers...since I know you love to read, I challenge you to write about what you love!

I would love to hear your thoughts about what you see, think and feel!

I encourage you to create a journal of feelings or a poem or a story about an interest that you have. Consider using my inspirational guidance page as inspiration for a new story or connection to something in your life.

Then, send it to me on my contact page and I will post it right here on my website! I cannot wait to see what you create!

Check out below what my new friends at St. Clare of Assisi CES created to showcase their thoughts and feelings about my books through colouring and's fantastic! 

Happy Reading and Writing!

Snuggle Up and Read Day with Deep Down Inside and Lucky Stars
Grade 2 & 3 students sharing thier ideas and writing after reading Lucky Stars by Daniella Grsic
Grade 3 boys proud of their writing and colouring about the book Lucky Stars by Daniella Grsic
Grade 2 girls proud of their colouring and writing about the book Lucky Stars by Daniella Grsic

Here is a look at Grade 2 and 3 students from St. Clare of Assisi CES smiling widely during Snuggle Up and Read Day, a day to celebrate literacy!

Check out their enthusiasm after having a read-aloud experience with me while I discussed my first book, Deep Down Inside and later read my second book, Lucky Stars.

What an amazing experience! 

Here is a look at Grade 2 and 3 students from St. Clare of Assisi CES showing off their writing skills after enjoying a story time experience reading Lucky Stars!

Check out their awesome connections to the story, their amazing suggestions about how to be kind to others and their outstanding colouring!

Way to go!