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Books by Daniella Grsic

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Daniella Grsic

My Second Book...My literary journey continues


Lucky Stars!

I am so excited to announce the completion and publication of my second book, Lucky Stars!

This second book marks the creation of a Wellness Series, that began with my first book, Deep Down Inside and continues with my second book, Lucky Stars. I am developing a series of books that are centered around emotional and mental wellness.

In my second book, Rebecca continues on her journey, experiencing new adventures, new people and new places. Lucky Stars provides examples of acts of kindness, helpfulness, gratitude and problem-solving skills, all on the backdrop of imaginative play. This story highlights key values and virtues, as well as tools to achieve overall emotional, social and mental wellness!

In Lucky Stars, Rebecca, a 7 year old girl, continues on her journey with her new pet, Lucky the Snail and her best friend, a curious 7 year old boy named Bobby. This time, Rebecca searches her own new and mysterious thoughts.

As Rebecca awakens from an enchanted dream, she is left with mysterious words dancing in her head. To her surprise, Rebecca is lead somewhere far away within many exciting adventures, along with her two best friends. Will Rebecca, Bobby and Lucky make sense of those mysterious thoughts and find their way home? Will Rebecca come to learn something greater than expected throughout her journey? Or will they remain lost in the savannah, deep in the ocean or remain floating among the stars?

As the second book in this Wellness series, Rebecca returns from her journey of sorrow and loss, searching her emotions in the first book, Deep Down Inside, to find herself now working through her own mysterious thoughts, that lead her throughout imaginative adventures about love, friendship and togetherness within the second book, Lucky Stars.

The illustrations in Lucky Stars were produced by Natalia Starikova , the talented artist who also produced the illustrations for Deep Down Inside. Lucky Stars is filled with colourful pictures that are beautiful to see and bring the story to life in the most amazing way!

I am so proud and thankful for how remarkably well Lucky Stars came together and for all that this story represents!