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Books by Daniella Grsic

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What my customers are saying

Authors like you make books more meaningful. You composed wonderful words. Children are our future, and it is important to keep them hugged in a variety of ways, including reading a story like "Deep Down Inside" together that connects to life experiences. Lucky Stars is next and I will find the right moment to gift it to a growing mind. As a Mom, Grammy and retired teacher, I admire you and thank you! 

Arvalla Anderson

Reader Review

Deep Down inside touched my family’s hearts in a deep down way as we can directly relate to the characters and the loss they experience as well as the new Joy they feel.

Lucky stars encourages our family to visualize what is perceived to be impossible to most but attainable to those who dare to dream & never give up!

Thank you for providing stories for the whole family to share!


M & J Sihra

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